Peter Pan

SummaryAbout James M. Barrie
Title: Peter Pan
Author: James M. Barrie
Published: 1902
Genre: Adventure

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"Peter Pan" by James M. Barrie is a novel in the Adventure genre, first published 1902.

Copyright: Peter Pan, the book, has entered public domain in the US and EU (apart from Spain, where it enters PD in 2017) Details Here

In the UK, its copyright is owned in perpetuity by Great Ormond Street Hospital, who J.M. Barrie bequeathed it to. If you are going to acquire this book, please consider making a donation to GOSH to fund children's medical treatment: Donate here

James M. BarrieBorn in Forfarshire, Scotland on 9th May 1860, James M. Barrie was a playwright and novelist, now best known for his children's classic Peter Pan. He moved to London and published his first novel in 1887, rapidly followed by more. His own life was touched by tragedy, with a failed marriage and the loss of several loved ones, but he was thought to have a special gift with children who he wove tales for. He died on 19th June 1937, and is buried in London. In his will he granted Great Ormond Street Hospital, the children's hospital in London, all rights to Peter Pan. The grant was confirmed, and made 'in perpetuity' by the UK Parliament.

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