El Cid (The Chronicle of the Cid)

Title: El Cid (The Chronicle of the Cid)
Author: Robert Southey
Published: 1808
Genre: Adventure

More details:

"El Cid (The Chronicle of the Cid)" by Robert Southey is a novel in the Adventure genre, first published 1808.

Notes: Translating a series of Spanish poems and stories about the hero El Cid, Robert Southey compiled the translations into a single book, titled "The Chronicle of the Cid".

King Don Ferrando succeeded to the states of Castille after the death of his father King Don Sancho el Mayor, in the aera 1072, which was the year of the Incarnation 1034, and from the coming of the Patriarch Tubal to settle in Spain 3197, and from the general deluge 3339, and from the creation of the world 4995, according to the computation of the Hebrews, and from the beginning of the false sect of the Moors 413.

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