Across the Plains

SummaryAbout Robert Louis Stevenson
Title: Across the Plains
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Published: 1892
Genre: Adventure
Series: R.L.Stevenson's Travelogues

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"Across the Plains" by Robert Louis Stevenson is a book in the Adventure genre, first published 1892.

R.L.Stevenson's Travelogues: As well as his well known adventure atories, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a series of travelogues in the nineteenth century, chronicling his real-life travels.

Robert Louis StevensonBorn into the famous family of engineers and lighthouse builders, Robert Louis Stephenson took a different path early on. He was born 'Robert Lewis Balfour Stevenson' in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 13th November 13, 1850. Studying engineering and then law, he knew neither suited him. Aged 18 he changed his middle name to Louis, dropping the 'Balfour' (his mother's family name) and travelled widely, writing a series of travelogues that became his first books. In later life he moved on to the adventure novels that he is remembered for today as well as the classic Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He died in Samoa in 1894, aged only 44, and is buried there. However there are monuments to the writer and his writing world-wide.

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